It originates from the Trebižat River and seamlessly cascades down the crevasses of the jungle. Road trip two - Croatia <3. Dubrovnik is thriving with historical hubs, museums, restaurants, and shops. If you see google maps, you will notice how this part looks triangular with multiple beaches. The starting points will change based on how you enter Croatia. This is the perfect way to wrap up your road trip! Imagine 16 clear water lakes, all arranged in different levels (like steps) with cascades and waterfalls between them – that’s Plitvice Lakes. This coming summer I'll be arriving into Dubrovnik, Croatia for 11 days. San and I in Camp Marina near Krka National Park – Croatia Road Trip itinerary. Read our. Admire architecture from both the Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic and Roman styles as you see first-hand the blend of culture that this remarkable city has. Il pleut à verse depuis la veille. Stoja isn’t a single beach here but many of them together next to a campsite. For your trip it is best to start a list with the number of nights you have for the trip. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème road trip croatie, croatie, croatie voyage. I arrive in Split on 9/4 and plan to do some island hopping with girlfriends until 9/13. While in Zagreb, book an apartment for yourself and park your car because the city’s public transport is awesome and affordable. Cathedral and Rooftops in Zagreb – Croatia Road Trip itinerary – CC0 via Pixabay. Certaines histoires sont tristes, d’autres émouvantes et quelques-unes franchement drôles. © 2013 - Yummy Planet. Mention spéciale aussi pour Chocolat 041 et Amelie, 2 super bonnes adresses pour une pause sucrée! It is on the Makarska Riviera. you need to decide how much driving you want to do in a day. Dubrovnik – the Walled city in Croatia – Balkans Road Trip. Alternatively, you can make things easy for yourself and park your car in Split. We stopped in Zadar for one night before driving to Krka National Park. L’après-midi, nous nous perdons quelques heures dans l’étonnant Museum of Broken Relationships. Duration: 2 nights. I think we paid 1 euro per hour. Here are some basic tips that you need to keep in mind while driving in Croatia: I have a detailed post about road tripping in the Balkans that contains tips. After you take a long walk through the park, refresh yourself in the crystal clear blue waters of the waterfalls. I am looking at a 3 day trip to Croatia. Let’s go to Slovenia and Croatia with Kids! 2 nuits en Airbnb, de quoi reprendre des forces puisque je suis la seule conductrice (bouuuhhh Karl). The Croatian motorways are not always wide, they can be winding and narrow. It still remains one of our favorite countries in Europe. Pula old town centre at night – Croatia itinerary. This will give you the opportunity to see the nearby Koćuša Waterfall. I would love some planning advice for a Croatian road trip in September 2014. Malgré l’affluence touristique, Dubrovnik est une ville magnifique qu’il vaut la peine de voir une fois dans sa vie. See more ideas about Croatia, Places to travel, Trip. The other famous place to see waterfalls in Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes. Come, let's travel together and see the magical side of the places that we visit. If you’re driving to Croatia from Slovenia or Italy, it makes total sense to start your trip in, Pula has Rome’s Colosseum look alike – it is called. En tout cas, je n’aurais pas pu trouver meilleure manière de dire au revoir à la Croatie. There are clear blue lakes, medieval walled cities, amazing beaches, and stunning natural beauty. My plan is to drive from Dubrovnik up to Mostar, Sarajevo, Zlatibor, Podgorica, Budva, Kotor, and then finally back to Dubrovnik.It creates a … Epic Dubrovnik Road Trip | Europe Van Life | First Impressions of Croatia | Ep 3 - La Vie Zine You need to pay a toll fee on the roads that connect Zagreb with Zadar, Split and Rijeca. Pula has some naturalistic beaches that are a little outside the city and are marked FKK. Pula is the biggest town in Istria and should be a part of your Croatia itinerary if you want to cover this particular part of the country. How beautiful is Croatia! There are trams (ZET – Zagreb Electric Tram), buses and historical rails. Split is undoubtedly one of the most popular cities in Croatia, it also happens to be the largest city in the Dalmatia region. When it comes to the western balkan countries - Croatia got it all. And this is where we come in to help. Not into camping? From Bosnia-Herzegovina, you can also start your Croatia road trip from, Here’s a map of Croatia with all the suggested places marked for you. As in most of the European countries, you are required to drive with the headlights during the day in winter months. Ideally I’d like to travel balkans with a rental car too! There are clear blue lakes, medieval walled cities, amazing beaches, and stunning natural beauty. After two road trips in Croatia, we can confidently say that this lovely country in, The first time we visited Croatia was on 2016. A Wave Organ, Romanesque churches, marble steets – Zadar makes an unmissable stopover! Croatia Road Trip Day 1: Zagreb. hi . It is 5 KMs away from the main parking area that’s close to the ferry pier. In all honestly, you can skip Zagreb if you want to spend more time in nature. A Croatia road trip itinerary can take a lot of work and might be a little overwhelming to plan. It is Croatia’s biggest city but you don’t need to spend more than a day here. Croatia is very safe. Zagreb is Croatia’s glorious capital, and one of the best places to start your road trip in Croatia if you’re flying in. Les opinions exprimées et les avis partagés restent les nôtres. Our apartment had a nice and compact kitchen and a toilet. En route vers l’étape suivante, nous passons par le charmant petit village de Rastoke, lui aussi inondé, mais vraiment très joli. Look at Blueson Hotel on Soline Beach with sea on three sides or Villa Paulina that has a view of the sea. Bosnia & Herzegovina is the best place to go after Croatia. Before you stand in the queue for the ferry, you need to also buy the Krka National park entry tickets. While visiting friends in Ferrara, Italy, we decided to take on the insane challenge of a three-day road trip with three adults and four kids under the age of five (my own boys were five-months and three-years-old at the time). Your tickets will likely cost around €17 (127 Kunas). Hvar is renowned for having excellent accommodation options, with plenty of resorts and villas. This will give you the opportunity to see the nearby Koćuša Waterfall. The city boasts still waters that reflect the shimmering sun and makes for the most wonderful place to go on a Croatian cruise. Get lost in lush jungle landscapes, stroll streets with charming Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque buildings, and enjoy the most pristine beachscapes – there are so many amazing things to do in Croatia. Of course I had no intention to pass over the beautiful Croatia on this trip - because Croatia never disappoints. It is in Slunj town, that’s not far from the National Park. The series showcases the captivating, 16th-century walls that make up the border of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Start at the Upper Town (Gornji grad) and gradually make your way to the Lower Town (Donji grad). Montenegro’s flower shaped Kotor Bay is very close to Dubrovnik and you can visit it very easily after your road trip in Croatia. This guide to the most mesmerizing Croatia road trip will ensure that you have an unforgettable adventure. San and I in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. Similar to Split, Dubrovnik also has a hub for locals and travelers to get together and take in the one-of-a-kind atmosphere of this Croatian city. After you return to Split from Hvar, the drive to Dubrovnik is around 3 and a half hours. The dorm rooms were excellent and so was the outside sitting area. Our itinerary would be perfect for a 2 or 3 weeks road trip. (Du 30 avril au 8 mai 2017.) From Bosnia-Herzegovina, you can also start your Croatia road trip from Plitvice Lakes. 9 févr. Balkan road trip itinerary for 3 weeks. The best way to see Croatia is definitely by We have now spent 6 months exploring this beautiful country, which I’d highly recommend if you have the time, but for a holiday this can be done in a much shorter period. Ajoutez à cela la proximité de l’Adriatique qui étend ses eaux bleues devant la ville, les délices d’une gastronomie méditerranéenne au carrefour entre l’Italie et la Turquie, et une multitude de possibilités d’excursions autour de la ville, et vous comprendrez pourquoi nous y avons passé autant de temps ! First of all, there reasons to visit Croatia all-year round. Plitvice Lakes is stunning but you can’t jump into any of the lakes or waterfalls there. We have included many different kinds of places to visit in Croatia that will appeal to all kind of travelers. If you like historical towns, then explore Mostar or Visegrad. Spend a few days in Slovenia’s Triglav National Park where you can camp right next to Lake Bohinj. Fill the day with a boat ride to the blue lagoons and sightseeing ancient architecture like Diocletian’s Palace. Rushing to our apartment in Split, we didn’t have the time to properly choose our dinner place, so we just headed towards the area where the most important restaurants are and desperately looked for a table. Après avoir lu sur ces deux attractions, je me réjouissais de les voir de mes propres yeux. Re Hvar, there is a ferry from the other side, when driving from Mostar (Drverik to Sucuraj), which would avoid back tracking. À tel point que Split a servi de décor à la série Game of Thrones (d’ailleurs, les équipes étaient sur place pendant notre séjour !). We are coming and driving a minibus (minivan) so ,it means we are very flexible on route and in any destinstion, we are free and sould move to … This guide to the most mesmerizing Croatia road trip will ensure that you have an unforgettable adventure. Cost: 1euro entrance fee (cash, can also pay in Bosnian Marka) That’s right, on day 2 of the Croatia road trip I’ve listed Bosnia! Another unmissable thing to do on a Croatian road trip would be to visit the enthralling and extravagantly beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Stay Off The Motorways (Unless You’re In A Hurry) Part of the joy of a driving holiday is the freedom it offers. What would you Even though we send out very few emails, they are sure to make you smile. Believe it or not, it was built 3000 years ago by the Illyrians! In order to enter the national park, you can either hike for 3.4 KMs, or take a ferry from Skradin to Skradinski Buk Ferry Pier. Pin It – Croatia Road Trip itinerary suggested route – Map. Wander the cobblestone lanes that lead to the hilltop church and climb the stairs of St. Euphemia Church bell tower for grand views over the Adriatic Sea. Hvar is renowned for having excellent accommodation options, with plenty of resorts and villas. Slovenia is a stunning country that will charm you. The entry for Croatia’s beautiful National Parks isn’t cheap, but that shouldn’t be a reason for avoiding them. thank you very much for sharing all this valuable information. We were not close to the beach but the pier, so we could see the water from our windows. Découvrez d’autres idées de road trips et des conseils pour réussir vos voyages en voiture. I read from a few forums it seems difficult to go across non EU borders with rental car. by the end of Pula we take a campervan to Plivtice lakes and keep the trip for another 5-6 days up to Split, which we could return to regular car/airbnb up to Dubronik, end of the trip. E nfin ! We suggest you start your road trip in Zagreb if you’re flying into Croatia and renting a car for your journey. Pula (Istria) – 2 – 3 Days. Des voyages savoureux et de bonnes adresses aux 4 coins du monde pour un tourisme authentique et responsable. Drifter Planet is a proud member of Mediavine Publisher Network. This coastal urban city is never short on incredible sights and sounds, and it’s an exciting place to enjoy on a Croatia road trip. With such a rich history in this enchanting capital, it’s a great idea to take a. to really soak in all of its wonders before you start your road trip. Those were our carefree backpacking and hitchhiking days and we did not have any time constrains. Croatia has everything – mountains, beaches and historical towns so a road trip through this gorgeous country in Europe is a once in a lifetime experience. 13 juil. Writer Adam H. Graham takes a spin down Croatia’s A1 Road, which runs from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, passing ancient forts, modern hotels and five of Crotia’s six UNESCO sites. The entrance fee changes depending on the time of year, expect to pay €3 (6 Kunas) between October to May, €4 (8 Kunas) between June to September and €5 (10 Kunas) between July to August. Apart from that, there’s so much to explore here, so let your free spirit go wild as you find hidden gems scattered within the park. We started in Italy (Lake Garda) en drove all the way to Split in the south of Croatia. C’mon you’re in Croatia so you’ve got to visit at least one island! Be sure to visit early, before it gets too crowded. Grab the chance to go for one of the world’s best walks as you breathe in the fresh air and admire the limestone canyon before your eyes. Namaste Memories from Bali - perhaps my f, I have said it before and I’ll say it again - th, Mountains or beaches? Avant de quitter l’Autriche, on se munit dans une station-essence de la fameuse vignette indispensable pour rouler sur les autoroutes de Slovénie. Where did I stay: Best Western Premier Astoria Hotel (book here) Zagreb is a perfect first stop for… The most beautiful place in Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes National Park – please don’t skip it. I planned 2 weeks of road trip start from Dubrovnik to Zagreb along the coast line. Why not splurge for your night in Dubrovnik with a stay at the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik? If you stay inside the national park, you will not spend on your internal transport and will also not wait in the long line. We stayed in a place called Campsite and Bungalows Korana, which is only 5KMs away. Just like a typical European capital city, Zagreb also has a medieval-esque old town with cobbled streets and architecture. The city has also become synonymous with Game of Thrones TV series, as it’s where some of the most iconic scenes of King’s Landing have been shot. Les opinions exprimées dans cet article sont toutefois les nôtres et notre enthousiasme est sincère . 15 jours en Croatie : itinéraire découverte de Zagreb à Dubrovnik. travellers plan to travel to visit Croatia in June, 2019, it would be around from June 26 to July 2-3 return,trip planned sbout 7-8 days at the destination. Since we own a car, we decided to take a break from Budapest and enjoy a long trip around the Balkans first. Once you arrive, set up for the night so you can be there to enjoy the park early before it gets crowded. The spectacular coast and cities brimming with history are calling…get ready for an awesome Croatia road trip. The roads are well maintained in Croatia. Fred (au féminin) est la fondatrice du blog Yummy Planet. Une partie de notre voyage en Croatie a été réalisée avec le support de l’Office du Tourisme de Croatie. One of our favorite spots is the Heritage Hotel Antique Split. Water so clear that you can see the bottom of the lake – Plitvice Lakes Croatia. In this 25 minute travel vlog we drive from Split to Dubrovnik during a 7 day trip. In hindsight, I would recommend spending more time in Slovenia as the mountains there are beautiful. Itinéraire Croatie jour 2 & 3 : Makarska et île de Brac. Driving to Plitvice Lakes from Zagreb or Zadar, Croatia. Start at the Upper Town (, ) and gradually make your way to the Lower Town (. Most apartments include a kitchens too. Head to Stoja – the beach here was my favorite. 2 oeuvres d’art y rencontrent tout particulièrement l’intérêt des touristes de passage et des locaux : l’orgue marine, un instrument de musique actionné par les vagues de la mer Adriatique et le « Sun Salutation« , un spectacle son et lumière qui rassemble chaque soir les foules sur le quai, pour un moment de partage unique. In case you’re starting your trip from Montenegro or Serbia or Bosnia & Herzegovina – then just do this itinerary in reverse and make Dubrovnik your starting point. These are all decent photography spots especially as the sun starts to set. The drive will likely take you up to 2 hours, so we suggest leaving Plitvice Lakes in time to reach this park in the early afternoon. We’re also suggesting 1 – 2 places that we did not end up visiting but you shouldn’t miss them for your ultimate road trip in Croatia. While you’re here, make time to appreciate the 13th-century walls and architecture. J’ai failli ne pas m’arrêter, pensant naïvement qu’il n’y aurait pas de contrôle, et nous avons essuyé une belle réprimande !). In order to take the ferry, you have to reach Skradin and you can park your car nearby, the parking spot is marked as Parking Skradin KRKA on Google Maps. So where should you start your epic Croatian road trip? Le voyage en valait clairement la peine! Le résultat a été à la hauteur de mes attentes. The ferry costs are around €17 (127 Kunas) and you can catch one at 7:30, 10:00, or 16:30  daily. It is an award winning hotel with a view of the town. The thing is, Croatia isn’t expensive when you compare it to the Western European countries but is expensive as compared to the nearby Hungary, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. We want to make sure that you’re making the most of your travel time by sharing the best routes and stops. You can walk and enjoy the most of Zagreb. After a fantastic few days in Pula, we headed to the third destination on our road trip through Croatia – Zadar.A little further south down the coast, Zadar is a historic town in Northern Dalmatia. Although you won’t be able to drive to Hvar, you’re able to take your car on the ferry. It will help you when you’re driving. While here, walk around in Strossmayer Promenade, see the Old town gate, relax in Ribnjak Park, see the Neo-Gothic style cathedral in the Upper Town, look at St. Mark’s Church and the Sebian Orthodox Church. here’s free WiFi that’s available around the national theatre in the main city square – how cool is that! Après plus d’une semaine sous un ciel gris et des adieux difficiles à Linden Tree, nous retrouvons enfin le soleil de l’autre côté du massif du Velebit !  10 jours en Croatie – Itinéraire & Budget!. 2017 - De Zagreb à Dubrovnik en passant par Split, découvrez notre itinéraire de 3 semaines en Croatie. I really enjoyed walking around in Pula’s old town. You can open this map on Google Maps and on your left you will see an option to. For the full Hvar experience, look at staying at a beach resort. De Paris, cap à l’est, avec la découverte de l’Allemagne, et notamment Stuttgart et Munich. On traverse rapidement ce pays, en se disant qu’il faudra qu’on vienne l’explorer un jour. Our Croatia travel itinerary has beaches, national parks, historical towns, small towns, and party places. The city boasts still waters that reflect the shimmering sun and makes for the most wonderful place to, Split has so many charming and unique hotels. La splendeur de ses palais, la vue imprenable depuis ses remparts, ses musées en font une destination au caractère unique. Bref, grosse déception ! Enjoy a night of luxury and rejuvenate at the onsite spa. Cheers!! While we were in Pula, we spent most of our time on the beaches. Me in Krka National Park – Ultimate Croatia Road Trip. Instead of booking a room, try to find an apartment on If you’re planning to enter any of the non EU countries on the same car from Croatia, then make sure your car has a “green card”. Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia – Road Trip Itinerary – by Sollunatic Photos. The ride is likely to take you an hour to two, so take the earliest ride out possible. Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site. Croatia is blessed with 1,800 kilometers of rocky, indented and spectacular coastline and more than a thousand islands. The ride is likely to take you an hour to two, so take the earliest ride out possible. The Sea Organ – it is really cool. The locals here speak decent English and you won’t have any communication problems. This is the perfect place to end your Balkan road trip. It depends on many factors. Day 1-2: Lake Bled, Slovenia; Day 3: Zagreb, Croatia; Day 4: Sarajevo, Bosnia; Day 5-6: Mostar, Bosnia; Day 7: Kravice, Bosnia; Day 8: Trebinje, Bosnia Head to, – the beach here was my favorite. The starting points will change based on how you enter Croatia. The beaches aren’t sandy but are pebbeley. I did not find Hungary to be as beautiful as the nearby countries, maybe because I did not get a chance to explore it. . 24 mars 2017 - De Zagreb à Dubrovnik en passant par Split, découvrez notre itinéraire de 3 semaines en Croatie. No, renting isn’t expensive and can turn out to be even cheaper than driving your own car into the country if you’re crossing too many countries. While you’re on the road, why not make an extended journey to Bosnia and Herzegovina to see the exceptional Kravice Waterfall (also called the Kravica Waterfall). Road trip en Croatie : conseils & remarques. There is an amazing coastal destination that will be on your way, is called Brela. Good recommendations. Afterward, wash off and rejuvenate in the inviting water pool created from the Kravice Waterfall. . Not into camping? If you have time, then by all makes stop here because it is close to Krka National Park and can be a good stopping point for the night. and make this your beginning point. Join one of the free walking tours in the morning, have a beer in the sun in the city center and party hard all night long in the famous Belgrade nightlife. For those who enjoy hiking, be sure to have a go at climbing Marjan Hill. It is possible to find one for as low as EUR 25 for two people. If you travel smart and buy groceries from a supermarket to cook your own food, you won’t find Croatia very expensive. Our Croatia travel itinerary had nothing on it but Plitvice Lakes and many extra days for spontaneity. If you’re doing this trip with a baby in a stroller, then Krka National Park will be an easier destination and you should skip Plitvice Lakes. Wander the cobblestone lanes that lead to the hilltop church and climb the stairs of St. Euphemia Church bell tower for grand views over the Adriatic Sea. Malheureusement, sous la pluie, l’expérience est bien moins agréable ! Alternatively, you can get a, So wondering how to spend one day in Zagreb? These lakes make a great day trip from Split despite being much further away. It is one of the few places that’s recommended by the National Park and they also run a free shuttle to and from the park everyday. Hvar Island from up above – Croatia Itinerary. The beaches of Vruja are a little secluded and you can avoid crowds there. There’s also a street market that we saw here with amazing cheese, salami and more. Is this something to consider or the headache of so many changes will not be payable? You can edit and modify this itinerary to skip some places to make your trip shorter. Just like Plitvice Lakes, Krka National Park tends to get crowded as well, so visit super early or in the late afternoon to avoid crowds.

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